Shidduch Academy

Mrs Lieder offers a bespoke experience-based course delivered live over zoom where she draws on her proven methods and strategies to take Shadchonim step-by-step through the process of successfully navigating singles through a fulfilling dating experience.

Included in the course:

- Educating singles on the importance of dating with purpose, building meaningful relationships and the beauty of a Jewish home

- Conducting the personalized interview

- Building rapport and trust with singles

- Dealing with contemporary issues

- Educating singles on the “business before pleasure” approach that addresses values and goals before the superficialities

- Coaching and supporting singles throughout dating and engagement

- The training includes practical experience through the observation of live coaching and interview sessions


“I was privileged to take the Shadchan/date coaching course from Mrs Toby Lieder, who is truly a master. She is thorough and extremely passionate in what she does. Taking her class has given me the tools I need to go forward and I’m grateful for her incredible knowledge she’s shared with me.” - D.L (New York)

“Toby’s course takes you through the process of becoming a successful coach and Shadchan. It’s thorough and lucid. She takes the time to make sure each participant’s questions are answered to their satisfaction. I feel confident in my ability to guide and set singles up now.” - M.C (Detroit)