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Toby Lieder is a Dating Coach, Shadchan (Matchmaker), an educator, and world-renowned lecturer on relationships, specializing in coaching singles on dating and marriage.


Toby coaches singles and parents who want that personal support throughout the dating process, from start to finish.

Pre-Dating Coaching. Let Toby assist you in discovering the 5 most important qualities and values you are looking for in a spouse - 'The 5 non-negotiables'. You will gain clarity and confidence in what you are seeking for yourself in a spouse. 

  • 1 hour video/audio session

  • Available from anywhere in the world

  • Discover and gain clarity of your ‘5 Majors’

Personalized coaching while dating.  Available Worldwide by  Zoom/Whatsapp Video/Audio, Toby will personally coach you through a one hour session to support and advise you throughout dating period. 




Why Hire a Dating Coach?

A Dating Coach can help beginners who are starting out on their journey searching for their soulmate, by preparing them with the tools that will give them clarity and confidence.

A Dating Coach can be very beneficial for singles who have been dating for quite a while and feel stuck, burnt out or fed up with searching for their soulmate and being set up with the wrong people over and over again. They come to a Dating Coach for advice and guidance to help point out 'blind spots' that they perhaps cannot see themselves.

Engaging a Dating Coach can help singles who

  • may feel 'stuck'

  • have been dating for a long time 

  • want to re-evaluate 

  • want to consider new approaches 

  • want to discover what is blocking them from progressing in dating


Let Toby help you in your Dating Journey.

Contact Toby Lieder For Appointment:


Whatsapp/Facetime/Zoom +61 470173916

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Instagram @tobydatingcoach

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Toby coaches you via WhatsApp video call, FaceTime, Zoom or telephone call.

For bookings and more information please contact Toby :



 Whatsapp + 61470173916

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